People Performance Profit

Maximize Personal Effectiveness

When there are no more hours in the day and no scope for reducing workload, it's time to explore how we can fine tune the key skills that will allow us to survive and thrive in business.

The most effective people are those who can;

  • Demonstrate & inspire confidence.
  • Get things done, on time & to the required standards.
  • Use time & resources effectively to maximise benefits.
  • Nurture trust and favour in their human relationships.
  • Seek and implement new & better ways of doing things.

What to expect from the training experience...

Process Skills

Learn tools & techniques to optimise performance.

We explore proven methods for goal setting, planning and managing resources to deliver improved results.Through application and review, participants discover how to integrate better practices into their working style and overcome inefficiencies in their current approach.

Personal Skills

Adapt our intrinsic personal skills and traits to deliver better outcomes.

Overcoming limiting personal traits and tendencies can be the most challenging, but impactful aspect of this programme. This will be a more individual journey focusing upon understanding how our character traits, behaviours and attitudes can be better aligned to serve our goals. Changes here are key to consistent and long-term success

People Skills

Become more approachable, assertive and influential in human relationships.

Collaborative endeavour can be key to maximising team productivity- participants will explore insights to human dynamics and then put into practice proven approaches to leverage greater influence in human relationships and gain the willing cooperation of others more readily.

Developing the skills that improve personal effectiveness...

Our effectiveness and impact in the workplace relies upon a combination of knowledge, skill, and application in both operational activities and human interactions.

Participants will explore each key skill area with a view to fine-tuning their performance by blending proven best practice with their intrinsic working style and personal characteristics.

Our trainers are skilled adapting the 'theory' to best match the individuals learning, communication and working style, increasing the likelihood of consistent and longer term behavioural & attitudinal change.

'Maximising Personal Effectiveness' will help you ;

  • Get things done in the most time and resource effective way.
  • Optimise utilisation of time & resource.
  • Exert greater influence in human relationships.
  • Distill your personal & professional goals.
  • Understand human dynamics.
  • Connect with people to gain their favour & cooperation.
  • Communicate with clarity and impact.
  • Apply your strengths and accommodate your weak points.
  • Set and achieve clearly defined goals.

2 consecutive days : “Immersive” or . . .