People Performance Profit

"...Within almost hours of attending the course its training had tangible benefits. I went into a closing meeting the next day and used his techniques to close a £2.2million deal."      "...He had the power to bring out the desire, the determination and commitment to succeed in each one of us through his passion and enthusiasm..."      " the point training with a fast moving pace, yet rich in details and practical advice..."      "...Hitesh was an inspiration to me in stepping out of my comfort zone and allowed me to feel significantly more confident about my abilities..."      "...he is able to expose the weaknesses and strengths of his course participants in a playful, fun and humorous way, which creates a fine sense of Self Awareness..."      "...You will be pushed through your comfort zone and you will grow..."      "...He commands a presence without being forceful. However he is also exceptionally personable - as soon as we met I was able to "connect" with him..."      "...His ability to keep the audience captivated was without doubt a lesson in itself..."      "...Hitesh manages to create an environment which is both supportive and productive, which means he is able to get the very best results from his students..."      "...he not only taught us but also demonstrated these skills in his approach, method, attitude..."      "...he turned a standard training for 20 participants into a bespoke one, targeting each individual needs and objectives..."      "...I don't think I would have enjoyed and committed to this course if it wasn't for the way Hitesh kept us curious and motivated..."      "...His training was the catalyst for me to change from someone in 1st gear to someone in hyper-drive and move my life and career to where it needed to be..."      "...He is a knowledgeable, passionate and an entertaining trainer, who was able to relate and engage the whole workgroup through inspiring story-telling and enthusiastic training style..."      "...only possible because Hitesh made me and the group feel safe to talk about our fears and I trusted his knowledge and experience..."      "...I was able to explore and understand my behaviour and motivations when in challenging situations. He was sensitive, intuitive and enormously empowering...."      "...Hitesh has deep and detailed knowledge of how to make his clients effective in influencing people and winning friends..."      "...While the content of the course threw up many interesting concepts, it was Hitesh's implementation and explanation of these concepts that was most illuminating..."      "...He was discreet in making sure that we tackled our issues and encouraged us to improve week on week..."      "...Hitesh brings a certain realism into training sessions (that can otherwise slip into idealistic touchy feely sessions)..."      "...His great skill on my course was to reach out to a diverse group of delegates and inspire us all in equal measures and leave a lasting impact...."      "...I have seen him motivate even the most reluctant of attendees to rethink their stance and push themselves beyond their comfort zone to achieve their goals..."      "...not only did he deliver on expectations, he exceeded it for me and I can say hand on heart that we all left the course with a new found self-belief in ourselves..."      "...Hitesh talks the talk and most certainly walks the walk!"      "...Following his clear and personal guidance, one quickly learns to focus on the drives for success and to develop a variety of communication skills, leadership skills and team skills..."      "...On a more personal note, he has helped me to continuously stretch for and attain new personal goals in an unparalleled way..."      "...Our group was very diverse in background & experience but he managed to make every key element relevant to every one of us in the room..."      "...I've been particularly impressed with his ability to understand the unique skills and training needs of each attendee..."      "...Hitesh is adept at putting people at ease and taking some of the anxiety out of personal development training..."      "...Whenever we did an exercise or applied a technique I was able to understand why that particular thing is relevant to my role..."      "...Hitesh can quickly and successfully tailor the training to each of the personalities and their current work situation..."      "...Not only was his vast knowledge and expertise clear and precise it was also delivered with a fun and entertaining persona..."      "...he has a variety of creative coaching methods that are easily applicable in the workplace and that deliver real improvement results..."      "...His knowledge and experience coupled with his warm and open personality (and great sense of humour) means he is an encouraging and patient instructor..."      "...I have implemented many of the principals and practices he teaches and the results have been OUTSTANDING."      "...whatever he taught, he drove the point home with ample examples. His insights from his own experience are a must listen..."      "...Hitesh transformed the High-Impact Presenting course into an incredible learning experience that has created a positive and lasting improvement to how I present..."      "...I have experienced a number of coaches but Hitesh is easily one of the most natural coaches and personable characters I have met..."      "...His insights & creative methods were very useful in developing and enhancing skill levels..."      "...He not only showed a deep knowledge of the course content, but he exemplified same in his interaction with us..."      " a typical sales person I wasn't expecting more than a tick in the box out of the course. I couldn't have been more wrong..."      "...His personable approach and energetic delivery ensured a highly interactive atmosphere..."      "...At all stages Hitesh clearly knew the material inside out and brought his own real-world experiences of using the tools into the classroom..."      "...His flexibility in adapting training to suit individual needs without losing sight of the main goal was very good..."      "...He changed my performance, knowledge and thinking about how to be a presenter, I'm surprised how someone can make a change in a short time with others..."      "...His training allows me to have more fun while presenting and in turn allows me to engage better with my audience..."      "...I felt comfortable to speak up with any challenges I had, knowing that he would provide valuable advice and information..."      "...His sessions were very interesting and well-paced, nothing was too much trouble when we didn't understand or forgot..."      " learn the course material theoretically, as well as see it being constantly put into action by Hitesh in his every communication..."     

  • The Art of Consultative Selling

    What's the Secret to consistent sales success ?

    In a competitive marketplace the ability to find, develop,secure and grow sales opportunities on a consistent basis, requires a fine balance of process and people skills.
    Arming your team with a proven sales process and a deeper insight to exerting greater influence in human relationships will improve their sales performance.


  • Presenting with Impact

    Confident, Compelling Communication lies at the heart of exerting influence in business.

    Educating, convincing and inspiring others requires an ability to express ideas, opinions and concepts with clarity, credibility and compelling impact.

    Whether it's advising others in the team, sharing ideas with peers, reporting to senior stakeholders or convincing potential clients, the impact of our presenting skills is key to success in all facets of business.


  • Step Up to Leadership

    Stepping up to leadership is often seen as a natural milestone in career progression...

    ...however, the many skills and qualities of leadership are not always intrinsic to the individuals that we envisage will be driving our business forward.

    Those elevated to this realm, often find themselves presented with a whole new set of additional challenges that accompany the mantle of 'leading' an organisation.


  • Engage, Influence & Inspire

    ...Get on with people, get on in business !

    Healthy human relationships impact confidence, morale, collaboration and productivity - so those who understand 'people' and know how to build rapport, instil trust and gain the favour of others, are likely to excel in business.

    Learning the nuances of human dynamics and honing your ability to engage others will reinforce your ability to lead, sell and maximise the people potential in any business.


  • Maximizing Personal Effectiveness

    ...Need to achieve even more, in less time and with ever decreasing resource ?!

    ...Welcome to the modern workplace !

    Fierce competition, economic turbulence and ever decreasing resources demand that we work even more 'effectively'. When there are no more hours in the day and no scope for reducing workload, it's time to explore how we can fine tune the key skills that will allow us to survive and thrive in business.


  • Effective Negotiation

    ...Everything is Negotiable!

    Amidst a myriad of influencing factors our challenge is to combine an understanding of the human dynamics of compromise & concession with proven negotiation strategies to increase our ability to secure desired results. Arming your employees with an insight to both human dynamics and proven negotiation techniques, will allow them to leverage the most effective win:win solutions.


  • Maximize Meeting Effectiveness

    Meetings are the most expensive activity in business !

    ...are you getting the most out of yours ?
    Overcoming the hurdles of managing differing communication styles, introvert/extrovert personalities and potentially disruptive human politics are a significant challenge and best tackled by undertaking training as a group or arming a 'facilitator' within your team with the necessary insights to effective etiquette and meeting management skills.


  • Engage your Team Dynamic

    People who 'gel' as a team deliver better results...but what's the secret to this elusive dynamic?

    People who feel valued, respected and rewarded within their workplace deliver better performance, take less sick leave and stay with their organisation. Workplace culture and Intra-team relationships have a strong impact upon that satisfaction so why not reward your team with a group experience that will not only feed their personal growth, but reinforce the human fabric within your business that binds its people, performance and ultimately, profit.