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Step Up to Leadership

Those elevated to this realm, often find themselves presented with a whole new set of additional challenges that accompany the mantle of 'leading' an organisation.

The most effective leaders;

  • Drive results by getting things done by utilising operational and human resources with optimal productivity.
  • Foresee, respond & adapt to internal/external challenges, maximising opportunity and minimising threat.
  • Get the best out of people by engaging hearts, minds and human desire in the pursuit of business goals.
  • Align others to best practice, communal values and the vision of the organisation.
  • Innovate to maintain and improve efficiency of the key cost, quality and time factors affecting the business.

What to expect from the training experience...

Process Skills

Learn how to plan initiatives, manage resources and create measurable performance results.

Managing activity in the wider business requires planning. People need to be clear upon desired outcomes and how they will be delivered. Participants will explore how to underpin their leadership approach with proven techniques for innovating, decision making, project planning and performance management.

Personal Skills

Raise self-awareness to better align behaviours and attitude to delivered desired results.

As a leader, our personal characteristics are under constant scrutiny - why not get a head start by raising our self-awareness to explore how our personal strengths (and weaknesses) are impacting the people, activity and results around us? Participants will explore how various behaviours and attitudes can be better aligned to serve our leadership goals.

People Skills

Understand others to better motivate, support and gain commitment & cooperation from them.

Leadership offers the opportunity to tap into the potential of others to enrich our organisation from both human and performance perspectives. Engaging the motivation of an individual can have an exponential impact upon their contribution and commitment to results. Participants will explore and experiment with the application of proven leadership behaviours that can better engage and influence others.

Developing the skills of leadership...

Effective leadership requires a varied combination of skill sets that often take time and experience to develop.

Some are gifted with intrinsic qualities that highlight their leadership potential, but very few come equipped with the full complement of skills required to address the demands of the modern workplace.

Our approach builds upon the intrinsic strengths of the participant to help them develop a leadership style that is both effective and aligned with their personal values and organisational culture.

'Step Up to Leadership' will help you ;

  • Get things done and engage others in doing so.
  • Raise self-awareness of potentials strengths / weakness.
  • Plan effectively to guide, deliver and measure results.
  • Manage team expectations & performance.
  • Innovate to drive greater efficiency, performance & profit.
  • Understand human motivation to better engage your team.
  • Make important decisions & solve problems.
  • Optimise time & resource utilisation.
  • Delegate, develop & empower others to deliver results.
  • Maintain clear verbal, written and emotional communication.
  • Get better commitment, cooperation and loyalty from others.

3 consecutive days : “Immersive” or . . .

7 x 3.5hr sessions : “Time Spaced”