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Effective Negotiation

Arming your employees with an insight to both human dynamics and proven negotiation techniques, will allow them to leverage the most effective win:win solutions.

The most successful negotiators;

  • Blend an insight to human dynamics with negotiation strategy to craft win: win solutions.
  • Demonstrate confidence, calm and composure under pressure.
  • Sell their proposals with compelling rhetoric and evidence.
  • See situations from different perspectives to uncover & leverage wider negotiation criteria.
  • Nurture rapport, trust and goodwill in their human relationships.
  • Gather and prepare intelligence in readiness for negotiation exchange.

What to expect from the training experience...

Process Skills

Learn to apply, recognize and counter negotiation strategies & tactics.

Negotiation confidence is reinforced by gaining a better understanding of the potential strategies and tactics that may be in play. We teach participants to forearm themselves with the key intelligence that surrounds the negotiation players and help them leverage propositions based upon known and unknown criteria.

Personal Skills

Demonstrate confidence in negotiation behaviours and communication.

Maintaining composure and objectivity under time and negotiation pressure are essential personal skills for an effective negotiator. We help participants raise their self-awareness to identify intrinsic personal characteristics that may help or hinder negotiation and find ways to leverage strength and accommodate weaknesses.

People Skills

Being approachable, assertive and influential in human relationships.

Negotiation tactics, whilst effective in leveraging advantage, can easily undermine trust and collaboration between players. We explore ways in which we can maintain good human relationships whilst recognising and respecting the competitive dynamics of concession exchange.

Developing the Key Skills of Negotiation...

Effective negotiation requires skill in both applying proven strategies and tenacity in leveraging unknown criteria and uncertainty in human thinking.

It demands composure under the competitive pressure of exchanging concessions and requires focus in maintaining good-will and collaboration in human relations, whilst distilling a final solution that both parties perceive as equitable.

We provide rigorous cycle of learning and applying negotiation insights in role-plays that re-create the 'pressure' under which true negotiation skills can be exercised and honed.

Our trainers are skilled in providing a supportive yet challenging environment in which participants can experiment with a variety of negotiating and influencing strategies.

'Effective Negotiation' will help you ;

  • Better prepare for negotiation.
  • Nurture a productive climate for negotiation.
  • Understand the human dynamics compromise & concession.
  • Communicate with composure during negotiation exchange.
  • Make your proposals and concessions more compelling.
  • Leverage advantage with negotiation strategies.
  • Recognise and counter negotiation tactics.
  • Maintain composure under pressure.
  • Explore the dynamics of exchanging concessions.
  • Be more confident and assertive in affirming negotiated terms.

2 consecutive days : “Immersive”