People Performance Profit

Factors that will influence your investment

Do I want to attend a Public/Open Programme ?

Training Delivery
Attendance of a 'public' programme will incur a single fee per participant.
Fees will vary between £1,500 + VAT & £2,250 + VAT depending upon course duration. (usually 2, 3 or 4 days)
Programmes are delivered via my training partners* according to their prevailing course schedule.
* training partners are other training companies for whom I deliver public programmes.

Content Tailoring
Public programmes are pre-designed and so no 'content development' fees are incurred.

Do I want an In-House Programme ?

Training Delivery
The trainer delivery fee for our pre-designed courses is £1500 per day, independent of the number of participants attending the training.
If the trainer is required to travel to a venue other than our training facilities, travel expenses will be added to the delivery fees.

Do I want Bespoke Content Tailoring ?
If you would like to tailor training content to your specific organisational needs, please anticipate an additional fee that accommodates the extra design time and bespoke training materials that will be produced.
This cost will vary according to the amount of additional time incurred by the trainer and the amount of new resource that must be printed.

What Level of Coaching Support do I want ?

Training results are impacted immensely by the amount of pre, mid and post training review and support.

Pre-course Goal Setting Meeting
We highly recommend a 30min 'goal-setting' meeting with each participant and their mentor before the start of the training. This gives both accountability and focus for the participant during the course and increases the likelihood of their putting learning into practice after the training sessions.

Mid-course Review Call / Meeting
Reviewing progress at the mid-point of training programmes allow us to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the participant and also adapt future coaching and assignments accordingly. Once again, accountability is reinforced with the participant and mentors and lend specific support and encouragement based upon what has been observed thus far.

End-point Review Call / Meeting
All programmes include a complimentary 'end-point' review to reflect upon the participants course experience , share the observations of the trainer and mentor and to assess how well we have met the objectives set at the start of the training.