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Maximise Your Meeting Effectiveness

Meetings are the most expensive activity in business ! ... Are you getting the most out of yours ?

Getting the most out of your meetings...

Meetings are often time intensive, logistically demanding and expensive - especially when we consider the impact of taking individuals away from the operational coal-face of our business.

Group thinking, when productive, promotes creativity, innovation and collaboration as well as reinforcing human relationships and team bonding. Such potential demands that we make the most of this powerful business tool.

If your meetings are to best utilise the time, skills and creative potential of group thinking, they must embrace a structure and etiquette that addresses both the organisational objectives and the intrinsic challenges of group interaction.

Overcoming the hurdles of managing differing communication styles, introvert/extrovert personalities and potentially disruptive human politics are a significant challenge and best tackled by undertaking training as a group or arming a 'facilitator' within your team with the necessary insights to effective etiquette and meeting management skills.

'Maximise Your Meeting Effectiveness' will help you ;

  • Optimise the time devoted to group thinking & discussion.
  • Prepare meetings to maximise contribution & accountability.
  • Manage time keeping and prioritisation.
  • Avoid deviance from agenda and maintain group focus.
  • Utilise proven techniques for innovative group thinking.
  • Establish ground rules for effective idea generation & review.
  • Manage human politics and accommodate communication styles.
  • Improve confidence and competence in meeting facilitation.
  • Instil a healthy atmosphere in which to air, share and debate.

1 day workshop