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Engage your Team Dynamic

People who 'gel' as a team deliver better results ... but what's the secret to this elusive dynamic?

The most effective team building events;

  • Immerse participants in a blend fun & challenge that exercises collaborative working and closer personal interaction.
  • Allow individuals to explore & demonstrate strengths in areas beyond their workplace responsibility.
  • Create a supportive atmosphere that nurtures trust, openness and equality, uninhibited by workplace hierarchy.
  • Accentuate the need for collaborative working whilst engaging a healthy, unifying spirit of camaraderie & competition.
  • Encourage individuals to interactive on a more personal/eve/, exercising a variety of human relationship skills.
  • Enables team members to see each other from different perspectives, promoting greater understanding and familiarity.

What to expect from the training experience...

Process Skills

Plan activity, prioritise & delegate tasks, manage & monitor team logistics.

The teams will have to coordinate themselves into smaller groups to tackle the challenge within the given time constraints. They will need to monitor and record each other’s progress and reach group decisions on prioritising tasks.

Personal Skills

Utilising individual strengths to tackle mental & physical challenges.

Individuals get to demonstrate personal strengths in overcoming specific task challenges or by leading and supporting others in tackling the wider team objectives that contribute to achieving the final goal. Analysis, creativity, problem solving and lateral thinking are but a few of the personal skills that will be stretched during the event.

People Skills

Behaviours that get better co-operation and acceptance of directive communication.

Directing others (even in fun activity) can be challenge to confidence and ego. Our tasks will exercise skills of gaining cooperation by recognising and appreciating strengths to exert greater influence upon and better motivate team members.

Engaging the team dynamic...

People who solve problems and overcome challenges together often achieve a heightened level of connection, especially when the tasks allow them to exercise and demonstrate personal strengths that drive the team's success.

The London Safari is an event that will immerse your team in that very mix of challenge, fun and mutual reliance that exercises the essential skills of inter-personal communication and collaboration. The teams challenge will require them to solve puzzles to discover the identity of a series of secret locations in central London.

...Along the way, team and individual challenges will require them to think creatively and stretch personal comfort zones in order to win their team additional bonuses. All of the above are performed under time pressure to reach a secret final destination where they will be greeted with a final celebration with optional food and drinks. Introduce a little fun and competition to the mix and you have the perfect ingredients for 'team building' activity.

'Engage your Team Dynamic' will help you ;

  • Engage your employees at a personal level.
  • Nurture team spirit, loyalty & commitment.
  • Replenish good will, favour and unity.
  • Invoke a desire to raise performance.
  • Connect with human values and motivators.
  • Engage commitment over and above compliance.

Typically a 4 hour event