People Performance Profit

Engage, Influence & Inspire

Learning the nuances of human dynamics and honing your ability to engage others will reinforce your ability to lead, sell and maximise the people potential in any business.

The most engaging people;

  • Have strong self-awareness and a sound understanding of human needs and motivation.
  • Demonstrate behaviours and attitude that make them more approachable and liked by others.
  • Listen in a way that makes others feel valued, understood and respected.
  • Show flexibility, composure and empathy with dealing with difficult situations and people.
  • Get others enthused about working together towards common objectives.
  • Build strong human relationships that foster trust, loyalty and personal commitment.

What to expect from the training experience...

Process Skills

Analyse thoughts, behaviour and attitude to assess appropriate responses.

Insight to the mind-set of others reinforces confidence in deciding how best way to respond. We explore the some of the psychology behind human motivation and behaviours to better understand and appeal to their needs.

Personal Skills

Adapting thoughts, behaviours and communication to better engage others.

Fine-tuning our existing personality traits and behaviours is the best way of maintaining integrity and coherence to our intrinsic character and values. We help participants experiment with different communication styles to find a blend that is most effective in helping them interact with greater openness, empathy, and understanding.

People Skills

Becoming more approachable, likeable, trusted and influential in relationships.

Understanding the thoughts, motivations and likely responses of others will help participants better interact with others, balancing tact and diplomacy in sensitive situations with assertiveness in the face of unreasonable behaviours. We will experiment with behaviours that are more likely to gain the open-mindedness and cooperation of others and how to disagree agreeably when minds do not meet.

Developing Confidence in Engaging Others...

Throughout our lives we discover, through trial and error, the skills of engaging others in social and organisational interaction. Our success is reflected in the goodwill, friendship, commitment, trust, and cooperation we get from others.

Each is a powerful ally in rallying the support of others in our personal and professional endeavours. These skills are best enhanced through application, so our programmes use the day-to-day interactions of our participants as a laboratory in which to apply, review and enhance insights to the most effective behaviours & attitudes.

Using a cycle of learn, apply, review and adapt, we help participants heighten both self-awareness and insight to how they can better engage and influence their human relationships.

‘Engage, Influence & Inspire' will help you ;

  • Raise self-awareness and confidence in interacting with others.
  • Better understand human needs and motivation.
  • Present yourself to others in a confident and compelling way.
  • Develop comfort in breaking the ice and engaging others in conversation.
  • Explore the behaviours & attitudes that build rapport & trust.
  • Exert greater influence upon people’s thoughts & behaviours.
  • Gain favour and more willing cooperation.
  • Better manage difficult situations and difficult people.
  • Better manage stress and emotional well-being.
  • Step up to leadership in personal & professional life.
  • Channel energy and enthusiasm into pursuing your goals.

3 consecutive days : “Immersive” or . . .

8 x 3.5hr sessions : “Time Spaced”