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Hitesh Patel - Performance Improvement Coach

Many of us find our true calling a little later in life and I'm no different...

My first career flourished amidst the cut and thrust of the internet boom years of the 1990's. A master's degree in telecoms engineering allowed me to start professional life as a sales engineer at British Telecom and I gravitated quickly towards a purely sales focus and eventually sales management.

In 2000, the allure of a more entrepreneurial approach to selling became irresistible when I was recruited by KPN-Qwest, an ambitious 'start-up' player in the telecoms market. A role demanding more creativity and tenacity in hunting new opportunities amidst fierce competition, further distilled key insights to sales, negotiation and influence in human relationships.

Having satisfied a number of professional and financial goals, 2004 marked a dramatic change in personal focus - it was time to broaden our horizons and explore vocations that could deliver even greater personal and altruistic reward.

In an adventurous departure from our corporate lives, my wife and I embarked upon a year of world travel, another teaching Design at secondary school and a third, building an investment portfolio of residential property in London.

In 2006 my interests drew me in to the world of business coaching when I was introduced to Dale Carnegie Training, a global player in the market, who embraced my potential to both sell & deliver their programmes. Within the first 2 years of our partnership I helped to broker the largest deal in the history of the company and became endorsed to deliver all their portfolio of training in Sales, Leadership, Presentation and Influencing skills.

Since 2008 I've been working on a freelance basis, independently and with training partners to forge new opportunities with clients seeking to realise the true potential of their human asset.

Key Clients & Projects

  • Schlumberger: Management Essentials programme across Europe.
  • Unilever: Management Development Programme, Handling Workplace Stress, Coaching Skills.
  • Goodyear Dunlop: Emerging Managers Programme, Presentation Skills, Hewlett Packard : High Impact Presentation.
  • Invesco, Sales Force & Erste Bank (Austria): Presentation Skills.
  • I’ve spent several weeks in Saudi Arabia, helping ELM (the government’s IT provider) to improve inter-personal influence and presentation impact.

Amidst a sea of trainers - why choose me ?

Clients tell me that it’s my credibility as a trainer who has ‘walked the walk’ of delivering results in the real world that makes the difference.

I’ve done everything I teach in real businesses so my track record and experiences make the training relevant and result driven.

To see more career details & client testimonials please feel free to review my on-line resume and my linked-in profile.