People Performance Profit

The Art of Consultative Selling

Arming your team with a proven sales process and a deeper insight to exerting greater influence in human relationships will improve their sales performance

The most successful sales people;

  • See, discover and create opportunities.
  • Capture the attention and interest of their target prospects.
  • Nurture relationships with buyers and key decision makers.
  • Demonstrate credibility through their market, product and business insight.
  • Develop compelling solutions that lock into tangible customer needs & desires.
  • Secure commitment and grow future opportunities in partnership with clients.

What to expect from the training experience...

Process Skills

Learn proven techniques for developing sales opportunities.

Following a proven methodology allows participants to feel confident that they are focusing effort in the right areas and gathering the key information required to formulate compelling solutions that are more likely to secure buyer commitment.

Personal Skills

Enhancing communication skills to better identify needs and sell ideas in a compelling way.

We'll focus upon effective questioning, listening and moulding of solutions on to identified needs. We help participants to better see things from a buyer's perspective and learn to frame solutions to appeal to various buying motives. Challenging role-play will stretch and enhance these skills in readiness for application in real life.

People Skills

Create favourable relationships to better secure support & commitment.

People want to buy effective solutions from someone they like and trust. We help each participant explore how their intrinsic personality traits and be moulded around behaviours and attitudes that best promote favourable a impression, gain cooperation and exert greater influence upon the perceptions of others.

Developing the skills of consultative selling...

Achieving consistent sales success requires a combination of human relationship skills, business insight and a methodical approach to nurturing sales opportunities.

Applying a proven methodology lends greater time efficiency and improves the likelihood of success by honing our efforts upon most promising opportunities and then following a thorough step-by-step approach to develop compelling solutions and securing commitment from our targeted prospects.

A more subtle challenge is that of fine-tuning our personal communication style to be more effective in building rapport winning favour and gaining commitment from others. Embracing more effective sales behaviours and attitudes must be approached with congruence to our intrinsic personality traits to instil the integrity and trust that is essential for nurturing long-term business relationships.

'The Art of Consultative Selling' will help you ;

  • Understand what will get your buyers attention.
  • Capture the buyers interest & get the opportunity to elaborate.
  • Engage the human dynamics of trust, favour and influence.
  • Map your personal strengths to the most effective selling styles.
  • Build credibility and provide true consultative value.
  • Apply a proven methodology to maximise sales results.
  • Get buyers talking with openness & trust.
  • Gather key intelligence with proven questioning tracks.
  • Create a compelling need with subtlety & credibility.
  • Build the buyers receptiveness to your propositions.
  • Connect your solution to recognized buyer needs.
  • Present solutions in a compelling & credible way.
  • Overcome any buyer reservations.
  • Get the buyers commitment.

3 consecutive days : “Immersive” or . . .

6 x 3.5hr sessions : “Time Spaced”